GRC Madison


Hello everyone, my name is Gerald Roger Cook, I live in Madison Wisconsin, and this is my blog.

I write about things that happen in my life, and major events that grab my attention. I’ll update this blog periodically, and will give you guys entertaining content as often as I can.

Now, a little background about this blog. I really love living in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s rich culture and entertaining attractions led me to create this blog, where I’ll write about my daily and weekly experiences living in Madison.

From the Memorial Union Terrace to sunsets on Lake Monona, I’ll have plenty of things to talk about that will be very interesting to residents and non-residents of Madison alike.

I have many things here that I have yet to experience, and things that I would love to try again. Even attractions and places I’ve been to many times before can always be entertaining to revisit if they’re good enough.

I’ll be sure to keep you all posted as to what goes on here in Madison, thanks!