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You ever wondered why there was a city named after one of the most famous explorers, Christopher Columbus? Well, neither do we, but here we are with Columbus, Ohio! Otherwise known as the Discovery City. It must be because Christopher got around a lot. Anyway, when we’re talking about visiting the state of Ohio, we’re often always first pointed out to Cleveland. I mean, it is a lot more famous than Columbus, but the Arch City is nothing to sneeze at all!

In fact, Columbus is the capital of Ohio, so although Cleveland has a lot more popularity, Columbus is right there with it! But what is there to do in good ol’ Columbus? Well, we aren’t going to tell you what to do exactly, but we are going to tell you why you should visit in the first place. 

The ever so glorious food. 

When it comes to food, there is no city that does it quite like Columbus. Why? Well, the restaurants here are probably, no absolutely, some of the best you will ever have! Craving Italian food maybe? Well, Columbus has Basi Italia, serving some of the most authentic Italian food you will ever get to taste! Or maybe you would want some amazing breakfast to help fuel your day? Then head on over to Katalina’s cafe! A drive through cafe that serves these delicious pancake balls! Or maybe you want to end the night with some pretty chill drinks and a good vibe to go with it? Then the Fox in the snow is the place for you. Either way, Columbus is a real foodie city just for you!

Get a chance to visit Germany.

Okay, so maybe not actual Germany, but you will be able to experience a town similar to it! Probably the only place in America that actually has a German Village, Columbus can give you a taste of European culture right near your doorstep! Built by German immigrants way back during the 19th Century, you’ll be able to experience what a genuine German village is like. With infrastructure and shops dedicated to the Germans, you’ll soon find yourself wanting to learn the language or even be immersed in the culture itself! So while you’re on a tour of this particular village, be sure to visit the book loft, where it covers an entire city block filled with book shops! Truly, every book worms dream!

The Ohio State Fair. 

With Columbus being the states capital, it would only be normal for it to be the host of the Ohio State Fair. A fair wherein it feels like the whole city will be brought to life. A carnival will be there for all those kids that want to play carnival games or go on one of the rides. This fair only happens once every year during the summer. So when you’re visiting Columbus it would probably be best to do so during vacation.


Columbus is a massive and fun city, only second in popularity to its sister Cleveland. And though that is the case, it is still one of the best cities to visit in the United States. Why exactly? Well, even without all these fair and German Villages, the people themselves will make you feel as if you were one of their own, the very first time you step into the city. And that is all the more reason to actually visit the Arch City.



Wyoming continues to be an underrated state. Sure, it doesn’t have the bright lights of New York or the pristine water that Florida boasts, but Wyoming has more than its fair share of natural beauty, good eats, and historic places. Tried-and-true travelers love Wyoming for its no-frills approach to fun and adventure. There’s no over-abundance of casinos or comedy shows or giant flashing billboards – and the locals like it that way! If you’re in the market for a serene, calming, wistful experience away from all the hustle and bustle, then you’re in the market for a Wyoming vacation. And when you’re there, hitting the State Parks is the thing to do. Don’t miss these Fabulous State Parks on your visit!

The Top Parks 

Yellowstone National Park 

This one is obvious, but has to be listed. Yellowstone is no doubt a bucket list item for any serious traveler. When you’re there, check out Old Faithful, an on-the-clock geyser that explodes in a unique way over and over. After that, check out the Grand Prismatic Spring, which is the largest hot spring in all of the United States. Yellowstone never disappoints – and don’t forget to bring the camper!

Grand Teton National Park 

While it may nott get as much attention as the above mentioned Yellowstone Park, Grand Teton certainly holds its own weight. It’s actually linked to Yellowstone through Rockefeller Highway, and it’s the place to go (in my humble opinion) for both and biking in the Wyoming area. Yellowstone gets the press, Grand Tenton gets the better rating with its calmness and serenity compared to the iconic Yellowstone.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort 

Past sounding kind of funny, Jackson Hole is a one-stop ski resort just South of Teton National Park. Yes, a lot of things in Wyoming seem to be rather interconnected — but that’s good for you, huh? Less moving, more doing! Enjoy breathtaking snowy hills, a historic lodge, and just remember: pizza, french fry. Pizza, french fry. Or if you’re like me, just stay in the lodge and drink.


So there you have it! Wyoming may not have the glitz and glamour that the coasts offer, but for down-home, true-blue adventuring, it’s hard to beat Wyoming. And, of course, it’s a lot cheaper. So nowadays, you may want to hit Wyoming just for that reason.

November 2020