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A country filled with tropical goodies and exotic features, Brazil remains to be one dominating all of South America, thanks to its huge landmass.

It is also a densely populated country, so expect to see tons of crowds and other tourists before you get there. But all that will be more than worth it once you see its grand cities and attractions!

With carnivals like Samba that roar along the streets, and fanatic football fans all cheering their team on while the game itself is played in every corner. You’ll find that this city will be farthest away from being disappointing.

But for you to experience it at its best, you will need to know about the three best cities to visit in Brazil, luckily for you, we’re here to show you just that! Starting with: 

#1 Rio de Janeiro. 

The most popular city that a lot of people actually believe is the capital of the country, Rio de Janeiro is a city that we all know and love. It’s been the main city for a lot of movies, books, and even TV shows, and houses some of the most fun and amazing activities in the city!

It is home to the Christ the Redeemer statue that we all know, and also has the biggest and most grand festival in the country! Follow that with all the stunning beaches and endless rows of palm trees which are considered to be the best places to sunbathe, Rio is definitely the tropical wonder that everybody is looking for!

And since it’s so amazing, the crowds are amazingly huge too! So remember that when you do decide to visit this exotic city! 

#2 San Pablo. 

Although Rio is the well-known city of Brazil, San Pablo comes in a close second, as this city pretty much has everything you can find in Rio but even more!

San Pablo is the city that never sleeps, a city where hustling and bustling is the norm and is pretty chaotic at times thanks to everybody trying to rush to get to work and all. But this city is the best place to visit if you want to get away from the huge crowds of Rio and still enjoy Brazil to its fullest.

It’s a city where clubs, bars, and restaurants are around every street corner, so make sure you’ll be able to handle all of that and more once you visit this huge city!

#3 Curitiba. 

This city is probably the most underrated among all of these, but you’d be damned if you thought it was the least beautiful or least exciting! 

Curitiba takes you on a break from all the sandy beaches, crowded streets, and warm sun, and brings you to a more lush and green setting in Central Southern Brazil.

Yes, that’s right! It’s time to take a little trip into the jungle, at least sort of. Curitiba is a city in the heart of Southern Brazil and connects the country to all neighboring ones which in turn makes it the source of the country’s economic boom as well as political stability.

So if you want to get away from all the crowds entirely and have a nice and peaceful break, then Curitiba is the city for you! 


The country of Brazil is filled with many beautiful and gorgeous cities filled with stunning beaches, fun activities, tourist attractions, and so much more. From the shore of Brazil to the urban jungles of Curitiba, it’s the country that has it all! Just as long as you know where to look!